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Our Story

Our love affair with the waffle started in 2015 while living abroad on assignment in Italy, where the US Army stationed us for three years. We visited Brussels, Belgium for the first time in 2015 and our taste buds we were instantly attracted to five things: frites (French fries), moules (mussels), the best chocolate ever, more excellent beer than we could hope to try in 5 trips, and the waffles (both the Liege & Brussels). These waffles could not be compared to the ones we had in the States because the Liege, in particular, marveled us because it needed no syrup! The flavor of the dough (not batter) and all of the artisanal ingredients shined through with every bite.

Once our tour ended, we still craved these waffles and we knew the Belgium influence had transformed us and Crystal began to experiment with various recipes. After moving to Washington State in October of 2017, our life had a new priority, we welcomed baby Kennedy and the recipe creation fell to the backburner for a little bit. At the beginning of 2018,  we as a family decided it was time for Bakaffa to retire from the US Army after 20 years of service to this great Nation. We also decided it was our time to bet on ourselves and dive into the fire by fulfilling our dream of becoming entrepreneurs in the food service space. Once this decision was made, in December of 2018, Crystal went to work on perfecting her waffle recipes. After 6 months of due diligence the menu was forming, and we started to share our passion with friends and family in in June of 2019 and Munch Munch Waffles & More was formed. 

Some people ask, “What’s Munch Munch”? Well, it’s Crystal’s nickname for our daughter Kennedy and this business serves as two important values for our family. Firstly, we want to be role models for our daughter and show her that she can do anything she wants to do in her life, even if it’s a career change. Secondly, we want to provide a legacy for her that she is proud of and will hopefully continue with the entrepreneurial spirit. Kennedy’s birth changed our focus in a great way and stressed the importance of family and a creating a life that we were in charge of, which allows us to create our own destiny! 

So, that’s how Munch Waffles & More came to be and now we would like to share our love for waffles to you with the delicious menu we offer. We guarantee we will satisfy your sweet and/ or savory tastes buds , which will keep you wanting more. Remember Life is Sweet….Eat Waffles!