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Our Story

Our love affair with waffles began in 2015 while stationed in Italy and we traveled to Brussels and fell in love with their waffles and how delicious and unique, especially the Liege, was. At the same time, Crystal was supporting Bakaffa’s unit and creating food fundraisers and mastered her recipe for their global fried chicken.

Upon return to the US in 2017 and the birth of our daugher Kennedy, our priority became family and a desire to create a legacy for her. As our family decided 2020 would be the year for Bakaffa to retire from the U.S. Army after 20 years of service and Crystal ended her 15+ years of Pharmaceutical Sales career, we took the leap of faith to entrepreneurship in June 2019 and created Munch Munch Waffles & More.

From pop ups, to a food truck and now an upcoming brink and mortar location, our focus is to bring high quality sweet and savory waffles to customers through our delicious menus.

MMWM is our legacy to pass on to Kennedy and show her the power of creating your own destiny by bringing waffle joy to all!!

-MMWM Owners